AR8200 Mark 3 portable receiver

Weltklasse AR8200 Mark III tragbarer Receiver mit einer beispiellosen Frequenzabdeckung von 500 KHz bis 3 GHz. Ein noch besserer Temperaturkompensierter Kristalloszillator für Frequenzstabilität. Verbesserte HF-Schaltungen kombinieren grössere Empfindlichkeit, Resistenz gegenüber Intermod-Produkten und verbesserte Signal-Rausch-Verhältnisse. Der Mark III bietet einen besseren Audio-Frequenzgang und enthält NiMH-AA-Zellen, die während des Betriebs des Receivers aufgeladen werden können.

 Produkteblatt (PDF)


• New TCXO for greater stability – performance not found in most desktop units!

• Covers 500 KHz ~ 3 GHz – world’s first handheld with this range!*

• Ni-MH batteries included (1500mAH)

• 1,000 memory channels (20 banks X 50 channels)

• 40 search banks

• 2 VFOs

• Alphanumeric channel and bank labels

• Computer control and programming. (requires optional connection cable)

• Download free control software from AOR web site!

• “All Mode” reception includes “super narrow” FM

plus wide and narrow AM in addition to USB, LSB, CW and standard AM and FM modes

• True carrier reinsertion in USB and LSB modes. Includes 3 KHz SSB filter!

• Detachable MW antenna with negative feedback

• Optional internal slot cards expand the Mark III’s capabilities. Choose from Memory Expansion (up to 4,000 memories), CTCSS Squelch & Search, Tone Eliminator, and Record Audio (saves up to 20 seconds of audio)

• Tuning steps programmable in multiples of 50 Hz in all modes • 8.33 KHz airband step is correctly supported

• Noise limiter and attenuator

• Band activity “scope” display with “save trace” capability

• Four-way side panel rocker switch allows one-hand operation

• Large, backlit, multifunction display and illuminated keypad

• Battery Save function with Low Battery indicator

• Operates on 12 VDC external power

• BNC antenna connector