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Super Discone Antenna DIAMOND D-190 - Lieferung mit 10m Koaxialkabel RG58 (mit PL-Steckern)

D-190: 100-1500 MHz, 30 W 144 MHz, 50 W 430/900/1200 MHz, 0.84 m, 0.52 kg "MJ"Lieferung mit 10m Koaxialkabel RG58 (mit PL-Steckern)

D190: (100 to 1500MHz for receiving) (144/430/904/1200MHz for transmitting)

Length:0.84m / Weight:0.52kg
Max.diameter:approx.36cm / Mast diameter accepted:25mm to 50mm
Coaxial cable assembly(RG58U 10m with M-P connectors at both ends) is included.
Max power rating:50W FM(30W FM at 144MHz)
10m RG58A/U mit PL-Stecker im Lieferumfang.